Meshes of the Flat Torus for 3D printing

image of 3D printing

Main files to realize a 3D printing

We provide here the files that have been used to realize the 3D prints of the square Flat Torus by Gi-Nova. Details about its realisation can be found here.

Other files

We also provide others files with different parameters. We recall that the embedding of the square torus is a map from the unit square to the three dimensional space.
In the discrete setting, it is encoded by the image f(i/N,j/N) of each point (i/N,j/N) of the grid of the unit square.
The name of each file describes the content of each file:

Entire Flat Tori with three corrugations

Half Flat Tori, with three corrugations

Here, only half a torus is considered.

Fourths of Flat Tori, with three corrugations

Here, only a fourth of the torus is considered.

Tori with one or two corrugations

Here, the discretisation is a grid of size N*N, where N=1500. The torus can be complete, or there is just half a torus or a fourth of a torus.