Meshes of the Flat Torus for 3D printing

image of 3D printing

Main files to realize a 3D print

We provide here the files that have been used to realize the 3D prints of the square Flat Torus by Gi-Nova. Details about its realisation can be found here.

Your 3D prints

Photgraphies of 3D prints your have sent to us.

by Samuel Etourneau, LMJL Nantes

Other files

We also provide others files with different parameters. We recall that the embedding of the square torus is a map from the unit square to the three dimensional space.
In the discrete setting, it is encoded by the image f(i/N,j/N) of each point (i/N,j/N) of the grid of the unit square.
The name of each file describes the content of each file:

Entire Flat Tori with three corrugations

Half Flat Tori, with three corrugations

Here, only half a torus is considered.

Fourths of Flat Tori, with three corrugations

Here, only a fourth of the torus is considered.

Tori with one or two corrugations

Here, the discretisation is a grid of size N*N, where N=1500. The torus can be complete, or there is just half a torus or a fourth of a torus.